This personalized learning day hosted by North Point ESC is created for educators by educators.  This is a day for YOU to learn, teach, and dialogue with other educators about the use of technology in education. You choose what sessions to attend based on your interests. 

The 2024 G-Tech Summit will be held at Gibsonburg Middle/High School!

Legal Notice

Notification for all attendees:

If you are a public sector employee, please verify the ethics code, laws and/or regulations that govern your ability to accept items of value from companies with whom you conduct business. Employees of K-20 public and private schools and all libraries should ensure compliance with the FCC’s E-rate gift rules (47 CFR Part 54) in addition to their local rules, regulations, and policies. Please obtain the necessary approval from your organization before accepting any item of value.

Attendees are paying for their meals through the event registration fee.

Media Consent

Notification for all attendees:

You are agreeing to give the G-Tech Summit Committee, its partners, agents and representatives the right to use, publish, and republish for purposes of advertising, public relations, trade, or any other lawful use – public information and photograph, film, audio/video tape, record and/or televise participant's image and/or voice for use in publications or promotional materials without any restrictions. You are waiving any right that you may have to inspect or approve the copy and/or finished product(s) that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied without any expectation of compensation.

In the event that an individual declines Media Consent, it will be the responsibility of the person  to not participate in photos or any official photos taken during the current year’s event. In addition, an individual who declines Media Consent assumes personal responsibility as this event involves a public presence as well as media representatives photographing at the event and other activities associated with the G-Tech Summit.

For more information or any questions, please contact our G-Tech Advisory Board: