G-Tech Summit

Keynote Speakers - 

Mike Daugherty and Molly Klodor

We look forward to seeing you at Gibsonburg Schools on August 6, 2024 for G-Tech Summit 2024!


"Wish I could have attended more!"

"All the sessions I attended taught me something and expanded my network of "experts" so I am very satisfied. Lots of ideas for books to read for P.D. hours too."

"I am thankful for like-minded individuals who stepped up and said a lot of what I was thinking (but have been too scared to share or tired to try)."

"With each session, I was able to come away with something that will help me this year. I enjoyed it was virtual. So many ideas--I won't use everything but it was great to see and hear how other educators are teaching."

"I really enjoyed this year's sessions and how most were tailored to our new teaching circumstances. "

"I didn’t not attend a single session that I believe was anything but informative and professional!"

"Knowledgeable, well-prepared, and engaging presenters; timely topics for these trying times; useful sessions no matter the grade level you teach"

"Fantastic sessions. Information that I can actually use."

"I learned a lot today!"

"The session descriptions accurately reflected the content of the sessions. The presenters were enjoyable and knowledgeable of their content."

"Great sessions all day! Learned about some great interactive tools that I can't wait to try in my classroom."

"Most had a well thought out presentation, a couple were noticeably nervous and lost track of where they were or maybe the info didn't completely fulfill the description of the session but overall, for your first time out, it was very good!"

"A wide variety of offerings. Everyone gave info pertinent to our actual daily work."

"I had a wonderful day! So many great ideas."

"I learned a great deal about using technology in the classroom, as well as, about products (apps and add-ons) that can utilize at no cost. I plan to use a lot of the knowledge I gained this school year."

"The sessions were just as good as the ones at OETC but much closer to home. :)"

"I truly enjoyed the day. Every presenter was well versed and prepared, and provided so much useful information. I'm feeling inspired and ready to incorporate a few things into my classroom right away!"

"Great, Informative, Quick hitters! Loved it!"

"I had a take away that I could apply to my classroom from almost every session."

"I learned something I can use immediately in every session I attended."

"I know how to do the basic sheet, but this offered me ways to make it look cleaner, more professional, and showed sorting methods I didn't know existed! Also, the practice google sheet he provided for us to practice using the new tools was invaluable!! Making notes is one thing, but actually practicing it was unbelievably helpful!!"